First Edition 2022, 9-18 September

ART. 1 – Purpose
ART. 2 – Theme
ART. 3 – Categories and Techniques
ART. 4 – Jury
ART. 5 – Awards
ART. 6 – Selection procedure
ART. 7 – Liability
ART. 8 – Consent  and contacts
ART. 9 – Registration 

Pallavicini Art Prize announces the first edition of A.P.P., the 2022 International Award aimed at promoting, enhancing and promoting contemporary artists.

The theme for this first edition 2022 is Life and how Art influences and is influenced by it.
APP invites artists to measure life understood in its intimate and collective dimension, in relation to space and time, in its various forms and expressions, where what matters is the path of the work and the artist who conceived it.

The Prize is open to all. Each artist can participate by presenting a portfolio of 3 (three) works, of which a maximum of 1 (one) will be selected.
Below are the techniques admitted to the Award and the maximum dimensions to be respected:

Works created in full stylistic and technical freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, etchings, engravings, various types of printing, etc.) and on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastic, iron, etc.).  The maximum dimensions allowed are 150 × 150 cm frames included.  The hangers for the assembly of the work must already be installed.

Sculpture, Installation and Design
Works created in any material.
The maximum dimensions allowed are 180x150x90 cm and with a maximum weight of 80 kg.
Artists must provide bases or other supports for the work.

Photography  and digital work
Works made with photographs or digital on any support (canvas, paper, wood, plastic, iron, etc.).
Digital works created or manipulated on computers, tablets, smartphones, applications, including digital painting, cartoons and comics, gifs and photographs with prevalent digital manipulation.
The maximum dimensions allowed are frames of 150 × 150 cm included.
The hangers and other supports for mounting the work must already be installed (monitors, bases, etc.)
n.b. (valid for all categories)
The exhibition is located on the main floor of a historic building of historical and cultural interest, without lifts or stair lifts.
The works must be carried by hand by the artist / courier to the main floor.

The candidate works will be evaluated by a committee made up of critics, collectors and partners of the initiative, who will evaluate and select the finalist artists who will exhibit at the APP award.

Among all the works received, 80 finalist works will be selected, which will be awarded as follows:

  1. a) Mention of the Artist on the Prize page within the website
  2. b) Inclusion of the 80 Finalist Artists in the exhibition catalog created for the event, of which a copy will be presented to each Finalist Artist.
  3. c) Participation of the 80 Finalist Artists in the exhibition to be held from 9 to 18 September 2022 inside the noble floor of Palazzo Pallavicini, formerly a museum, where the protagonists of politics and art of the time have been guests over the centuries , like the young Princess Maria Carolina of Habsburg (sister of the more famous Marie Antoinette Queen of France) who was a guest here in 1768, and where only two years later, in the Burrini room, the fourteen year old performed on the evening of 26 March 1770 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  4. – the design and printing of invitation cards, posters

  5. – assembly and disassembly of the exhibition

  6. – Artists interested in participating in our exhibitions are free to be
    sponsored and supported by institutions, organizations, governments and their
    representatives; the logos of their sponsors will be included in all
    communication (digital and paper) of the events

  7. – opening event of the exhibition

  8. – the global and local press office, advertising, press, banners,
    totems, etc.

To participate in the APP prize selections, the registration fee must be paid.
Only after receipt of payment will the Artist receive the participation form.
The registration fee is € 130 including VAT. and allows the presentation of a portfolio of up to 3 works.
The artists must keep a copy of the payment.
Payment of the registration fee can be made:
Automatic connection from the reserved area which also includes payment systems via credit cards and pay pal with reason “APP registration, name, surname, and e-mail of the Artist”.
Bank transfer
IBAN: IT 04 B 07072 02409 032000197973 – BIC / SWIFT: ICRAITRRTS0 in the name of Pallavicini srl with reason “APP registration, name, surname, and e-mail of the Artist”.
We do not accept bank transfer or credit card charges.

In case of selection, there will be no other payment to be made, while in case of non-selection the registration fee will not be refunded.
Registration is open from 10 June 2022 until 30 July 2022.
Applications arriving after the aforementioned deadline will not be accepted. 

The works will be evaluated taking into consideration the theme of the award and according to qualitative criteria, research and technical capacity and all the material transmitted will be evaluated.
The results of the selections will be announced online on the website and to the interested parties via email.
Preparation suggestions will be accepted but not binding. The Scientific Committee and the Company reserve the right to identify, within the APP spaces, the most suitable destination for the selected works, which will be set up by the organizer.
The decisions of the awarding juries are final and unquestionable.

Pallavicini srl while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works received, declines responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any kind, works or people, which may all occur during all phases of the event. The transport costs and any insurance of the works will be borne and by the individual artists because the insurance follows the ownership of the works.

The artists have the right to renounce the selected prize without asking for any form of compensation, in which case the prize will be reassigned by the jury. Each artist holds the rights of the images and works submitted but transfers to Pallavicini srl, without any consideration, the reproduction rights for promotion, exhibition, translation, translation and communication to the public, in any way and without exception, for the way their works and for the texts participating in the selection.
Each artist agrees to the free publication of images and texts on the Pallavicini srl portal, exempting him from any SIAE request; however, the artist may at any time request cancellation from the site in full compliance with his / her right. Furthermore, the authorized candidate Pallavicini srl as well as their direct delegates, as well as their personal data transmitted pursuant to the privacy law and the European Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), also for the purpose of insertion in databases managed by the aforementioned persons and inclusion of third parties pursuing the same purposes.

For info and contacts relating to the award write to:

ART. 9 – To register, fill out the form below

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