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From 3 March to 27 May 2018 the enchanting Palazzo Pallavicini, after the exhibition dedicated to Milo Manara, will offer the public an exposition with a totally different language: the Renaissance rooms of the Palazzo will present "Vivian Maier - La ritrata ritrovata", an extraordinary exhibition with the magnificent photographs of one of the most popular photographers of this century. The exhibition was created by Palazzo Pallavicini with the curation of Anne Morin of DiChroma Photography based on the photos of the Maloof Collection archive and the Howard Greendberg Gallery in New York. The exhibition will offer visitors an exceptional exhibition itinerary divided into different thematic sections, addressing all the topics that Maier felt most dear and close: childhood, self-portraits, portraits, street life, forms and color. On the occasion of the exhibition, the curator made a very accurate selection of the thousands of photographs available; in fact, 120 black and white photographs will be presented, including 10 in large format, 90 in medium format plus a wonderful section of 20 color photos related to the production of the seventies of the artist. The work of Vivian Maier (1926-2009) remained in the shadows until 2007, when John Maloof, the son of a second-hand dealer, bought a box at an auction. From the box emerge female personal belongings of every kind belonging to a woman, Vivian Maier, the contents of whose warehouse was auctioned due to delays in payment of the rent. Among these objects emerges a box containing hundreds of negatives and rolls, all still to be developed. After having printed some of them and showing them around, Maloof realizes the immense treasure he has in his hands and, thanks to his intuition and accurate disclosure, soon leads this unknown photographer to be appreciated and affirmed worldwide.

"Nobody is eternal, we must leave the place to others, it is a cycle. We have time until the end and then another will take our place. It is time to close and go back to work ". Vivian Maier

After Maier's death, his photographs are exhibited all over the world: in his homeland, the USA, but also in Europe between Denmark, England, and France, up to the last years in Italy and now in Bologna with the exhibition "Vivian Maier - The found photographer". The originality of Vivian Maier is expressed in the great talent in taking photographs that capture details and evocative details of everyday life rather than the overall view, thus telling the way, people, objects and landscapes. The lens of his camera carefully intercepts subjects little considered at the time, making them instead protagonists of his work: the road is his stage.
In the study of his works there is another vein: in fact, Maier develops a real obsession with the gesture of photographing, for the actual shot and not for the final result of photography. The modus operandi of the artist is to take as many images as possible preserving them without showing them to anyone. While in contemporary society appearing is a priority, Maier turns out to be definitely in the vanguard despite its timing; as Marvin Heiferman, a photography scholar, says:
"Although taken decades ago, Vivian Maier's photographs have much to say about our present. And in a deep and unexpected way ... Maier devoted himself to photography, body and soul, practiced it with discipline and used this language to give structure and meaning to his life but jealously preserving the images he realized without talking about it, sharing it or using it to communicate with the next . Just like Maier, today we are not simply exploring our relationship with producing images but, through photography, we define ourselves ".
Vivian Maier often becomes the subject of her photographs with the purpose, almost obsessive, of looking for herself, impressing her shadow, her reflection, her silhouette in the shot. The large number of self-portraits in his photographic production seems to express a sort of inheritance towards an audience that did not want, or perhaps could not, represent. A significant evolution in Vivian Maier's work is the transition from black-and-white photographs to color images; the change not only affects the style, but also the technique: from Rolleiflex passes to Leica, light camera, convenient to carry that gave the opportunity to take pictures directly at eye level. His color work is singular, expressive, free, sometimes even playful, but always with that specific characteristic of chance.


Title: Vivian Maier - The rediscovered photographer
Works of: Vivian Maier
Edited by: Anne Morin
Promoted by: Pallavicini s.r.l.
Where: Palazzo Pallavicini, Via San Felice 24, Bologna


Vivian Maier - The rediscovered photographer
3 March - 27 May 2018

Opening time
Open from Thursday to Sunday from 11.00am to 8.00pm
Extra openings: 1 and 2 April, 25 April, 1 May 2018
Closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
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Friday 25 May from 8.30 pm

organized by the Didasco association

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Saturday 24 March at 11.00

Saturday 21 April at 11.00

Saturday 5th May at 3.30pm

organized by the Didasco association

by Michela Cavina and Ilaria Francia

info, costs and cell bookings: 329/3156094 (afternoon)

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Exibition: Vivian Maier

March 3 - May 27, 2018

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